Specialty Pool & Fountain’s specialized knowledge of fountain construction and systems allows us to provide superior design options to improve your site curb appeal. Our award-winning fountain designs and architecture are sure to enhance your facility.

Fountain Construction

The Specialty Pool & Fountain team has over 15 years of experience building new fountains for commercial sites. We design and plan custom fountains tailored to meet our customers’ exact specifications. Then, using the newest technologies, tools and equipment, we work to efficiently and safely build your fountain. We currently service New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), North Carolina (NC), Pennsylvania (PA) and the District of Columbia (DC).

Fountain Repair

Fountains require regular servicing and repairs. Our knowledge of fountain construction and maintenance allows us to preserve a fountain’s appearance. Neglected fountains that are lacking proper maintenance can become expensive and detract from your property’s appeal. Specialty Pool & Fountain is your source for the service expertise needed to maintain the fountain as well as extend the life of your asset. If you have an existing fountain that is suffering from neglect, our repair crews can provide expert analysis and propose viable and long-lasting repairs to rejuvenate and upgrade your fountain.

Fountain Maintenance

Specialty Pool & Fountain provides regular service schedules that include cleaning, equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance and chemical treatment. Our skilled team can provide expert analysis and propose viable service programs to ensure the ongoing beauty and safety of your existing fountain. Our fountain service lengthens the life of your fountain, maintaining both beauty and quality. Specialty Pool & Fountain stands by our projects with extended warranties through our Service Agreement Program.