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Specialty Pool and Fountain is the industry source for the construction, renovation, repair and maintenance needs for commercial and residential swimming pools, fountains and water features. Our experienced team of skilled experts will help add beauty, value and character to any property or community. Specialty will utilize the latest technologies to customize a project specifically for your facility. No matter the size of the project, we will work with you until the job is done exactly how you envisioned.

Commercial Fountains

Our expertise and specialized knowledge of fountain construction and systems allows us to provide superior design options to improve your critical site curb appeal. Our award-winning fountain designs and architecture are sure to enhance the appearance of your site. We strive to provide you with a quality product while remaining continuously conscious of your budget and schedule.

Fountain Build

The Specialty Pool and Fountain team has tremendous experience building new fountains for commercial sites. We work with you to design and plan a custom fountain tailored to meet your exact needs. Then, using the newest technologies, tools and equipment, we work to efficiently and safely build your fountain. We outline and adhere to a schedule, assuring you that the work we’ve promised will be completed on-time.

Fountain Repair

Fountains require regular servicing and repairs. Our experience and expert knowledge of fountain construction and maintenance allows us to preserve a fountain’s appearance and keep it looking as good as new. Neglected fountains that are lacking proper maintenance can become expensive and detract from your property’s appeal. Specialty is your source for the service expertise needed to maintain the fountain as well as extend the life of your asset.

If you have an existing fountain that is suffering from neglect, our repair crews can provide expert analysis and propose viable and long-lasting repairs to rejuvenate and upgrade your fountain.

Fountain Maintenance

Specialty Pool and Fountain provides regular service schedules that include cleaning, equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance and chemical treatment. Our skilled team can provide expert analysis and propose viable service programs to ensure the ongoing beauty and safety of your existing fountain. Our fountain service lengthens the life of your fountain, maintaining the beauty and quality of your fountain. Specialty stands by our projects with extended warranties through our Service Agreement Program.

Commercial Pools

The Specialty Pool and Fountain team takes pride in designing and constructing your swimming pool. This shows in every aspect of our work. You can be sure that when you work with Specialty, you’re working with experienced industry professionals. We look for your continuous input and take your project needs seriously – from initial concept to finished product – in order to provide you with the highest standard of quality.

Swimming Pool Build

At Specialty Pool and Fountain, anything is possible. Our team of pool construction experts works with you to design and plan a custom pool with everything you want and nothing you don’t. We use a professional pool draw program to detail your every specification. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your options.

Using the newest technologies, tools and equipment, we work to efficiently and safely to build your dream swimming pool. We also outline a schedule and adhere to it, assuring you that the work we’ve promised will be completed on time.

Swimming Pool Renovation

A swimming pool is a major investment that requires proper care and maintenance. A pool has a relatively long lifespan, but like anything else – in time – a pool will need repairs and renovations. Specialty Pool and Fountain is an expert in providing these services, adding new life to your pool utilizing the latest technology and swimming pool features.

Residential Services

Build a Private Oasis

Specialty Pool and Fountain takes great care in the construction of all our pools. We pay special attention to ensuring the safety of your swimming pool so that even long after we’re gone; the safety of your pool is never questioned.

We can turn an ordinary backyard into something beautiful; let us work with you to custom design the pool you’ve always wanted. Spend those warm summer days lounging in your pool, entertain your guests and enjoy all your swimming pool has to offer.

Special Construction Projects

Custom Design

Do you have a unique idea for a special type of pool or water feature to better exude the personality of your facility?

Specialty Pool and Fountain can help your idea see the light of day. Our construction expertise includes special build projects. We will be sure that your vision becomes reality and that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Water Features

Water Parks, Ponds and More

Specialty Pool and Fountain is a dedicated builder of all types of ponds, water features, fountains, natural environments and habitats. We are exceptionally proud of our ability to create beautiful, functional and durable water features with an eye towards ease of maintenance.

Our team of experts works closely with the design teams to ensure we meet their expectations, capturing the sensory elements of sight and sound to ensure a well-crafted, perfect feature.

We are constantly adapting the latest technologies – including new “green” technology – and using them in all the work we perform. Using environmentally-friendly tools and techniques is a priority.